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the soundtrack of the Apocalypse!

Experience the captivating sounds of my electronic music, infused with the nostalgic vibes of 80’s synth-pop. Embarking on a journey against the mainstream narrative, I uncover the truth behind the New World Order, Pandemic, CBDC, Wars, and SMART Cities, intertwining them with the prophecies of the Biblical End Times.

As we witness the chaos and uncertainty of present global events, my music, based on Biblical text, attempts to align these events with the prophecies.

Join me, as I explore the Word of God, to discover Hope and Despair, Deception, Plans, and Truth.

My work faces censorship and algorithms that suppress it amidst the sea of other music.

Your support is crucial. Remember to add my tracks to your playlists, and Follow & Share, ensuring the message reaches far and wide.

Resistance is Duty

Latest NEWS

Deliverance from Death

Release date: June 7th 2024 Notes: We are alive only by His grace.Thank Him for every day you have a…

God of Glory
God of Glory

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Plan-B Communications

Our reliance on the Internet and Mobile networks is often overlooked. What would you do if the sudde…

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Virtual Vocalist

Tamryn Hayne


Robain Polly

Producer / Synthesizer / Lyrics