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February 2023

Modern Christian Playlist

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Mercy, Hope, and Love, it’s all ours, even though we don’t deserve it. Praise and Worship music with a modern sound. Play it loud send your Suggestions…

Vocal Synthwave Playlist

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Awesome collection of Vocal Synthwave, and Synthwave Covers of amazing hits. Play it LOUD!!! Send your Tracks & Suggestions…

Resist the Mandates!!

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“Trust the science” Story at-a-glance Get the full Details here Get the full Details here

SynthPop Survival Kit

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the nostalgic world of ‘SynthPop Survival Kit‘ playlist! Curated with care, this collection takes you on a journey back to the iconic 80s era, where synthesizers reigned supreme. Experience the infectious beats, catchy melodies,… Read More »SynthPop Survival Kit

Open Your Eyes!!

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Groundbreaking 5-part docuseries, “Never Again Is Now Global,” directed by human rights activist and Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav. Each segment is one-hour Click each part to watch