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Plan-B Communications

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Our reliance on the Internet and Mobile networks is often overlooked. What would you do if the suddenly stopped working? How would you contact your loved ones, friends and family? If mobile services stopped working suddenly, it would most likely… Read More »Plan-B Communications

New Track Alert: Rage

Rage by De/Vision Has been added to: Apokalypsi – After Depeche Mode A Playlist, for DM fans, of new Synthpop tracks, similar in style to Depeche Mode. #Electronic #SynthPop #DepecheMode Send your track suggestions: Playlist Followers: 20 Track Popularity… Read More »New Track Alert: Rage

The End Playlist

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The end times according to the bible. Investigating events happening in the world now, and aligning them with biblical prophesy. Share the truth!!! Add these songs to your own playlist, and share them!! Covid, Smart City, CBDC, 666, Mark of… Read More »The End Playlist

Freedom and Truth Playlist

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Play on spotify Introducing ‘Freedom and Truth‘ playlist, a collection of fearless artists who dare to challenge the system and speak the truth. These musicians use their platform to ignite critical thinking and raise awareness about personal freedom. In an… Read More »Freedom and Truth Playlist

Documentary on Deception

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Truth Justice @SpartaJustice writes: Yes, they created a manmade engineered virus in the United States called SARS-CoV-2 better known as Covid-19 and deliberately released it on the world. There were people getting sick from Covid-19 and it was not the… Read More »Documentary on Deception

Resist the Mandates!!

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“Trust the science” Story at-a-glance Get the full Details here Get the full Details here

Open Your Eyes!!

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Groundbreaking 5-part docuseries, “Never Again Is Now Global,” directed by human rights activist and Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav. Each segment is one-hour Click each part to watch