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Lyrics & Truth behind the tracks

The Word Of God

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The Word Of God by Apokalypsi It looks like all hell is breaking loose! Tyrannical New World Order control by governments, Wars, & fear of War, Hyper Inflation, Disease, and Death. It’s like the world has rejected good people! “In… Read More »The Word Of God


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Revelation 18 The world is being deceived by great evil. It is time now to read the Word, read and understand for yourself. Be alert, see what is happening. The same narrative is being told by governments all over the… Read More »Deception

Stop Killing Your Children

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Stop Killing Your Children by Apokalypsi Would you let people kill your children for money? That’s exactly what is happening, only you don’t get the money, you get deceived! Don’t inject them with that poison!!! Stay safe, Question EVERYTHING!!! -R… Read More »Stop Killing Your Children