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God of Glory

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God of Glory

Release date: May 17th 2024


Our God is Mighty!!
His power is beyond our understanding.

His Grace is the only way we can be redeemed.

To Him be all the Glory, Power, and Majesty!!

God of Glory, God of Power, God of Majesty!!!


Here I stand before You
Before Your throne of grace
To find help in time of need
To seek Your lovely face
God of glory, God of power, God of majesty

God of glory
God of power, power
God of majesty
God of glory
God of power, power
God of majesty

Father, I come to You through the blood of Christ
I bring to You an offering
Of a consecrated life
God of glory, God of power, God of majesty
God of glory, God of power, God of majesty




  • Roland Zenology


  • EM Voice Keela
  • EM Voice Thomas


  • Production: Robain Polly
  • Composition: Robain Polly
  • Performance: Apokalypsi


“God of Glory” is a worship song that centers on themes of divine grace, power, and majesty. The lyrics express a deep reverence and adoration for God, highlighting a personal connection and devotion to Him. Here are some key aspects of the song:

  1. Worship and Adoration: The repeated phrases “God of glory,” “God of power,” and “God of majesty” emphasize the reverence and awe the singer feels towards God, celebrating His divine attributes.
  2. Personal Connection: The verses convey a personal and intimate relationship with God. The singer stands before God’s throne seeking grace and help in times of need, indicating reliance on God’s support and presence.
  3. Sacrifice and Devotion: The lyrics mention coming to God through the blood of Christ and offering a consecrated life. This reflects a commitment to live a life dedicated to God’s service and acknowledging the sacrificial love of Christ.
  4. Musical Structure: The song has a straightforward and repetitive structure, with verses that build up to a powerful chorus. This repetition can make it easy for congregations to sing along and internalize the message.
  5. Themes of Grace and Majesty: The song combines themes of God’s grace and majestic power, offering a holistic view of His character as both a loving, approachable Father and a powerful, sovereign King.

“God of Glory” is well-suited for worship settings, encouraging listeners to reflect on God’s greatness and their own dedication to Him.