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Release date:28 April 2023

Revelation 12

A woman (Israel) gives birth to a male child (Jesus) who is then pursued by a dragon. The twelve stars represent the 12 tribes. The dragon is Satan and the stars he swept away with his tail are the third of the angels that rebelled with him.

Jesus (the Sheppard) is taken up to God’s throne.

Israel flees into the wilderness, where she is protected for 3 and a half years (this correlates with the time of the Great Tribulation).

Revelation 12 has much more hidden in it, read it carefully and see how it fits in with other prophecy.

Listen now:


A great sign in Heaven

Woman clothed in sun, moon beneath her feet

On her head a crown

It was a crown of twelve stars

She was heavy with child now

She cried out in her labour and pain

Another sign was seen in Heaven

A great fiery dragon with seven heads

And ten horns with royal crowns

With his tail he dragged away third of stars

She gave birth to a male Child

He was destined to rule all nations

With a rod of iron

He was taken up to God and his throne

Then the woman fled

To a place in the wilderness set by God

She’d be nourished there for a thousand

Two hundred and sixty days

And war broke out in Heaven

Michael and his angels waged war

Dragon and his angels fought

But they were not strong enough and they failed

They had no place in Heaven

And the dragon was thrown down to the Earth

That age old serpent

Who is called the devil and satan

The accuser of our

Brothers and sisters has been thrown down

And they overcame

Because of the precious Blood of the Lamb

And the word of their testimony

For they loved not their lives or renounced

Their faith even to death

Therefor rejoice O Heaven

But woe to the Earth and the sea

Because the devil has come

With great wrath because he knows his

Time is short



  • Korg Monilogue XD
  • Behringer DeepMind 6


  • EM Voice Keela
  • EM Voice Thomas


  • Production: Robain Polly
  • Lyrics: Robain Polly
  • Composition: Robain Polly
  • Performance: Apokalypsi


These lyrics are based on the book of Revelation in the Bible. The first stanza describes a vision of a woman in Heaven, who is pregnant and wears a crown of twelve stars on her head. In the vision, a great fiery dragon with seven heads appears and tries to harm the woman, but she gives birth to a male child who is destined to rule all nations.
The second stanza describes a war in Heaven between Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angels, in which the dragon is thrown down to Earth. The dragon is identified as the devil and Satan, the accuser of our brothers and sisters. The lyrics conclude with a call to rejoice in Heaven, but a warning of woe to the Earth and the sea because the devil has come with great wrath knowing his time is short.

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