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We do not give our consent

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During the start of the Plandemic, while playing around on my synthesizer at my in-law’s farm in South Africa, I came up with the idea for the tune.

Governments enforcing lock-downs and destroying jobs and livelihood of small business gave me the inspiration for the lyrics.

Now a few years on, I see how all this is happening, their plan blown into the open. Excess deaths, show the vaccine was a weapon. The WHO Treaty shows the ultimate goal of the Plandemic was to gain Legal Authority over every nation (this is still in progress). SMART Cities are being “promoted” as awesome solutions to the fake climate change problem. They use Chemtrails to create storms then blame it on climate change.

The real reason for SMART cities is they need a way to be able to monitor us, to ensure that we comply with their agenda.

Finally a programmable Central Bank Digital Currency will be forced on us (probably after the US Dollar crashes due to the war with Russia). This CBDC will be used to Enforce their agenda. If you are found not complying, they will punish you by adjusting the value of your money. They will also be able to control what you can and can’t buy – Lab Grown Meat comes to mind!

The most amazing part is:
All these things are in the Bible!!

Never Consent!

Never Comply!

Never give in to tyranny!

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When you threaten my Existence…

Expect my Resistance!!!

Listen Now:


Corrupt our Children

Our Values

Corrupt our Lifestyles

Our beliefs

Corrupt our bible

We do not give our consent

Bring it on

Show us the best you’ve got now

The things you do they

They only temporary

Even if you hurt us

We do not give our consent

Come come on lock us down

Say it’s for our own good

All for us

Don’t think we’re stupid baby

We can see the truth

Bring it on

Bring the best you got

Tell us lies

We’ve got the Book of Truth

Our God is watching

He is in control

He’s in control

Feel our faith

Corrupt our bodies

Our systems

Corrupt our genome

Our bloodline

Corrupt our Bible

We do not give our Consent

Your time’s up

Our Holy Bible says so

No point in trying to enslave us

Our Salvation draws near

Hear us now

We don not give our consent

Go go on take our cash

Break global markets

Watch our finance crash

I see you grinning baby

But you have lost

You may think

You may think we’re on our own

The truth is

We are never alone

God is with us

He is always with us

Best you got

Is not nearly enough

Our God reigns from above

There is nothing you can do

We will not give our consent

Take our lives

To die in Christ is a win

Take our food

Our God always provides

We’ll be fine you’ll see

We do not give our consent

Corrupt our Children

Our Values

Corrupt our Lifestyles

Our beliefs

Corrupt our bible

We will never give consent



  • Korg Wavestate
  • Korg Minilogue XD
  • Korg Opsix


  • EM Voice Keela


  • Production: Robain Polly
  • Lyrics: Robain Polly
  • Composition: Robain Polly
  • Performance: Apokalypsi

Chat GPT

These lyrics appear to be about standing up against corrupt forces that seek to control people’s lives, values, beliefs, and bodies. The lyrics mention the corrupting influence on children and their values, lifestyles, and beliefs. The writer expresses a refusal to give consent to these corrupt forces and states that they will not be enslaved or controlled. They also mention their faith in God and trust in His control and provision. The lyrics suggest that these corrupt forces may try to take away their money, break global markets, or even take their lives, but the writer remains steadfast in their refusal to give consent. Overall, the lyrics express a message of resistance against corrupt forces and a reliance on faith and inner strength to withstand them.

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